My Beautiful Vin Santo

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Saturday 7/23/11 - Laura Valvanne

This first time I want to write about Vin Santo. This holy wine is my absolute personal favourite not just because it is excellent just as it is but it makes me dream of all the possible desserts that can be created with it.

This summer I have been trying Vin Santo in meat sauces as well. Excellent flavour combination was shrimp with Vin Santo. 

Vin Santo is made out of grapes which have been dried on straw mats. This make the grapes sweeter since the sugar  is more concentrated. The wine is aged in barrels for at least 3 years.

My favourite  Organic Toscan producer  ”Il Cipresso” age their wine 10 years in barrels and it  gives the wonderful oaky flavour to this nectar. I just purchased several cases of their Vin Santo di Caratello Riserva 1999 and I couldn’t be happier. I am glad I met the family in Formigine  workshop in March this year. I have not yet had the chance of testing the farm holidays they offer. but if you would like to do so, go and visit:

Since it is time for red currents here in Finland, try my easy recipe for your next dessert.


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