Food&Wine 2011

Wednesday 10/12/11 time 5:47 PM - Laura Valvanne

Food & Wine expo coming in 2 weeks. I hope everyone can come and visit us in 6n139. (27.-30.10.2011)

I am also cooking with vinegars or more so making vinaigrettes on friday the 28th at 10.30. I am trying to make as many vinaigrettes as I can in that little time given...Just to show how easy they are to make and how litte time it takes to make one. Just get a good oil and a good vinegar...

I have difficulty to understand the "ready to eat" ones that people buy.  Reason being that they don't know how to make? I think the lack of good quality ingredients in supermarket shelfs is a big reason. Have you tried to make a dressing with "crap"? It is not possible, only for the industry it is possible because they can add so many things to make it work.

See you there!

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