Creamy porcini

Friday 8/16/13 time 1:07 PM - Laura Valvanne


Chicken & porcini mushroom pasta

For 4 people: 

2 large chicken breasts

1 can of Chambon&Marrel porcini mushrooms in oil (

1 onion

3 gloves of garlic

2 dl double cream

20 g butter

1 tablespoon of wheat flour

˝ teaspoon of fleur de sel -salt and a bit less of pepper

some water

good pasta of your choice for 4 persons


Slice the onion and garlic. Open the jar of mushrooms and pour the oil from the can to your frying pan. Add the onion and slowly cook soft.

Cut the chicken breasts into big pieces and add to frying pan with garlic. Add some salt and pepper and cook slowly the chicken on one side for about 3 minutes. When you turn the pieces add flower and butter. Mix well and stop cooking before they start to have color. Then add the mushrooms and some water, about 2 -3 dl. Mix and let simmer.

Cook you pasta and when pasta is getting ready add the cream to you chicken sauce. When the sauce starts to boil it is ready. Taste for salt.




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So so popular Borough Market

Friday 8/9/13 time 4:28 PM - Laura Valvanne



 So popular Borough Market

London. Always a pleasure. This time we had the chance to see the Royal Family as well but that was not the main reason for our visit. I would say one of the highlights was our lunch date at Borough Market. As a market shopkeeper myself, I always visit the market places where ever I go.  I have always said it is the heart of town. If the market place is boring or dying it says a lot about the people. A vibrant market place, inside or outside, is a sign of a vibrant, colorful town. People interested in the origin of their food, restaurants using them instead of wholesale halls, social meeting place for many, the lunch place of the town…

Elliot’s is in Borough Market. Small window, small restaurant, even smaller terrace with 3 -4 tables, but seems like it’s always full, at least during lunch.

I have always liked food served simple. I often have gravy for something and at the same time for something totally different. For example I would love to have beetroot and at the same time asparagus or sausages. If I wanted to eat that for lunch in Finland, and I am sure not only Finland, I would have to make it myself. It is always a fully though plate of something with something that goes with it. A dish that feels it has already been eaten.

Finally I found what I was looking for. Elliot’s offered me this pleasure! Their menu is simple. I can choose my asparagus with egg salad then the beetroot and then the sausages and then…  All these are different plates, with affordable price so that one can choose 1 or several plates to share.  Kind of a meze philosophy but maybe simpler?  Just perfect for me. I think this is why we spend there more time than we should have…choosing more and more plates… Good business?




Elliot’s is saying on their website that they are: “sourcing its ingredients directly from the Market and offering a menu which directly reflects the range of produce found you will find available on any particular day. “ Simple but it works and it tastes. Good for Elliot’s! I am not surprised for their Bib gourmand 2012 (Michelin)


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