Creamy porcini

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Friday 8/16/13 time 1:07 PM - Laura Valvanne


Chicken & porcini mushroom pasta

For 4 people: 

2 large chicken breasts

1 can of Chambon&Marrel porcini mushrooms in oil (

1 onion

3 gloves of garlic

2 dl double cream

20 g butter

1 tablespoon of wheat flour

˝ teaspoon of fleur de sel -salt and a bit less of pepper

some water

good pasta of your choice for 4 persons


Slice the onion and garlic. Open the jar of mushrooms and pour the oil from the can to your frying pan. Add the onion and slowly cook soft.

Cut the chicken breasts into big pieces and add to frying pan with garlic. Add some salt and pepper and cook slowly the chicken on one side for about 3 minutes. When you turn the pieces add flower and butter. Mix well and stop cooking before they start to have color. Then add the mushrooms and some water, about 2 -3 dl. Mix and let simmer.

Cook you pasta and when pasta is getting ready add the cream to you chicken sauce. When the sauce starts to boil it is ready. Taste for salt.




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