Food and wine but mostly books, books, books

Tuesday 10/20/15 time 10:10 AM - Laura Valvanne

Wine, food, good music and books, all this at one go. Mostly books, books and writers and books.

I will be at the expo for 4 days this year. DeliDeli is exposing in French stand 5h31. I am excited and at the same time I have a bad cold that puts my excitement down hard...

Here isa great cure for colds

Laura’s winter wonder

Cut an organic lemon in small pieces,2-3 dl frozen or fresh black currents, very small piece of ginger and 1-2 tbsp. of honey. Put all this in a big jam jar or jug and fill with boiling water. Let it cool down andkeep in thefridge.

This is juice as it is, you can also add some water, hot orcold or it isexcellent added to your tea. Enjoy and get cured

Now the expo is at this stage:


more later today!

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Food&Wine 2011

Wednesday 10/12/11 time 5:47 PM - Laura Valvanne

Food & Wine expo coming in 2 weeks. I hope everyone can come and visit us in 6n139. (27.-30.10.2011)

I am also cooking with vinegars or more so making vinaigrettes on friday the 28th at 10.30. I am trying to make as many vinaigrettes as I can in that little time given...Just to show how easy they are to make and how litte time it takes to make one. Just get a good oil and a good vinegar...

I have difficulty to understand the "ready to eat" ones that people buy.  Reason being that they don't know how to make? I think the lack of good quality ingredients in supermarket shelfs is a big reason. Have you tried to make a dressing with "crap"? It is not possible, only for the industry it is possible because they can add so many things to make it work.

See you there!

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